Rupert Rockmannanov

Druidic Eco-warrior and Master of the Kangaroo Form


Wooden Spear – for picking up trash in those hard to reach places

Shovel – for planting trees
(3) Large Sack – for trash collecting and sorted recycling


Rupert is the second son of the Rockmannanov family; proprietors of Rockman Inc., the world’s largest distributor of custom-made warforges. During a field trip as an adolescent, the youth came across a wounded Dusk Unicorn. Using the resources of his family, the animal was successfully rehabbed until it slaughtered two dozen guards during its escape. His experience with the creature was the beginning of his passion for the safe and ethical treatment of the environment and all its natural animal habitants. Because of this, Rupert received considerable teasing by his peers who were certain that only virgins can see unicorns.

Upon reaching an age where he could be sent away from the household, Rupert was forcefully enrolled at Hudgins School of Technology, Magic, and Adventuring by his family and an extremely generous donation to the institution. He continues his campaign to protect nature and has founded the Eco Preservation Club to gather additional supporters.

No one really knows why he spends most of his time Wild Shaped into a Kangaroo.

Rupert Rockmannanov

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