Hudgin’s School was started by Edgar Hudgin a rich man of mysterious origins. Just before his death he used all of his money to open up a school for those “less fortunate… and less talented” then those able to get into the higher-tier schools like Hogwarts.


Upon a child’s eleventh birthday (where have we heard this before…) they will receive a letter from the school. Unlike other schools the student is required to take an aptitude test displaying general skills in any or all of the three areas of education. A potential student is given three chances to pass the tests, upon failure of the third attempt they are asked to wait a year, then reapply. The tests themselves are not know to be very difficult resulting in most passing on their first attempt. Not many have failed the test the three times, but the thought is that those stupid enough to fail three times will probably forget all about the school after a year.

Due to the high likely-hood of passing the aptitude test the school is always over populated leading to a number of freshmen classes being lecture classes rather than a hands-on class. From Sophomore year on, the classes are much smaller. Senior classes tend to max out at about ten students.


Hudgin’s School sits almost in the dead center of Jillette Island. The campus itself consists of a large central castle, a stone coliseum, a large courtyard, and five towers all enclosed by a circular stone wall.

The central castle is the school proper. It contains 227 classrooms, 78 student activity rooms, 36 faculty rooms, 66 bathroom facilities, 71 unused rooms, 49 mystery rooms, and an unknown number of hidden rooms.

The stone coliseum known as “Speedy Stadium” formally known as “the Pit”, is where all school sports take place. House games and school-on-school sports of various kinds take place here.

The five towers are all for student and faculty housing.



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