A compendium of terms and phrases used at Hudgin

Alchemy – Chemistry’s less reliable older brother. They share a lot in common, at least until Alchemy starts babbling on about philosophers stones, immortality, and hair regrowth formulas.

Art and Ritualism – This subject encompasses all aspects of arcane study from the common schools of illusion, sorcery, and divination to the lesser studied schools of interpretative dancing and musical appreciation.

Dietonomy – A complete study of the divine interactions between holy presences and foul influences. The origin of school holidays are discussed, though celebrations for intoxication and fertility gods have raised a stir among concerned parents.

Economics – The study of the innate ability of sentient beings to assign value to inert matter.

Magistrum/Magistra – An honorary title given to tenured wizards.

Natural Philosophy – The field of study that emerged from Alchemy and culminated in String Theory. Focuses primarily on the non-sentient processes of the universe, such as gravity, organics, chemistry, and machinery.

Questionable Arts – A mostly theoretical field in the study of the Dark Arts, with emphasis placed on prevention and defense rather than practical applications of black magic. It is hoped that by familiarizing students with the underlying concepts of evil, they will be better prepared when they encounter it. So named because, really, its kind of a gray area at best.

Shady Business – While most of these skills have potentially legal uses, they are most often associated with disreputable individuals. They include such areas as lock hacking, unsolicited item transference, and the flanking ambush.



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