Tiet Interview Three

Transcript of conversation cited in Tock Ironpipes’ paper on the nation of Tiet. Participants: Magistrum Grimman and Prof Turing

Grimman: I can’t say I’m terribly familiar with Tiet. They beat down the Sisters, which sits pretty well with me. Of course most people prefer the despot you know, so it makes some a little jumpy.

Tock: I’m not sure it’s correct to say that was an act of Tiet. Unless you count the Invasion of Jillette as a Tiet invasion too.

Grimman: I doubt the truth is completely black or white. While the conquering princes like Vladmire and Yologo receive little if any material support from Tiet, nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes. Though my favorite conspiracy theory is that the whole thing is a test to find out which prince will become the next emperor of Tiet, and the offspring with the best resume wins. Makes more sense than a traditional monarchy.

Tock: So what have you heard regarding prince Vladmire’s invasion of Southern Chantok?

Grimman: The Sisters had many internal enemies. Not just wild mages either, lot of normal folk who didn’t think their loved ones deserved the torch. It was a loose network, not really a resistance but it had many eyes. Vladmire gained their trust and support, then brought them an army. I imagine I would have fought alongside him had I not left, if the letters from my old friends are to be believed.

Tock: Oh excuse me professor, would you mind joining us?

Grimman: Turing

Turing: Grimman

Grimman: Ah Tock, I believe there is a matter that I had completely forgotten that needs immediate attention. If you would excuse me.

Tock: Uh okay thanks for your time.


Turing: No it is not considered normal for human beings to jump out of windows.

Tock: Then if he’s malfunctioning even by their standards, why is he still employed? I started asking around and this isn’t the first incident either. He’s nuts.

Turing: Professor Hooke received his wounds, both physical and mental, in defense of this school. The sword that took his arm was coated with malicog, the same poison that drove Djel off a cliff. He would have died as well, but we learned the truth before he had recovered enough to leave the infirmary.

Tock: Still wouldn’t he be better off in an asylum? What if he hurts someone?

Turing: First, I doubt you really understand what a horrible thing you are suggesting. Second, the toxin promotes self-destructive behavior, not violence. Third, the treatments devised here at Hudgins have been custom tailored for his condition over the last three years, and would not be readily available elsewhere.

Tock: But—

Turing: I’ve watched you Tock. You are clever, yet still you remind me of something an old enemy once said: “To the torch, all forged without heart.” I hate her above all, but when I look at you I can imagine what it was she feared.

Tiet Interview Three

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