Tiet Interview Two

Transcript of conversation cited in Tock Ironpipes’ paper on the nation of Tiet. Participants: Drake Hardcastle and Magistra Ashley

Drake: I’m going to have to agree with Ashley on this one. Even a Hardcastle isn’t arrogant enough to mess with Tiet, which is typically an honor reserved for eldritch horrors. One of ours snuck into the Inner Kingdom during the Muggle War, but it didn’t go well. It wasn’t considered an appropriate topic for dinnertime, so I’m sadly lacking in specifics.

Ashley: Of course who can say. I’ve only been on the inside of one secretive totalitarian regime, so I’m hardly an expert.

Drake: You’re right. They might just be shy.

Ashley: Yet if they’re so ‘shy’, then why are their border cities in the Outer Kingdom such bastions of openness and free trade? It’s inconsistent.

Tock: Most real world compromises are though.

Drake: Very astute. You’ll be a fine statesman someday.

Ashley: Unless the xenophobia is a cover to conceal something forbidden. Then the arrangement is pragmatic. You can have a prosperous economy without outsiders poking around the City of Dust.

Drake: Just look at what a mess the mages have made of Chantok, or whatever it’s called nowadays. That’s what a country run by earnest zealots looks like. Five thousands years of stability it is not.

Tock: I guess pointing out there’s no evidence for any of this just proves how huge the conspiracy is then?

Ashley: Ha, what a clever little clockman. Oh, crap. I’m sorry, that was wrong of me. A bit of my upbringing showing through, but that’s no excuse.

Drake: I’m sure I’ve called him much worse.

Ashley: You didn’t grow up in Southern Chantok like I did. Even if he didn’t care, it matters a lot to me. Again, I apologize Tock.

Tock: You aren’t going to uh, jump out of any windows are you?

Ashley: No.

Drake: Well I was planning to, but now that you’ve asked it doesn’t feel spontaneous anymore.

Tock: In that case we’re cool. Jenkins threatened to dock ten points off my grade if another meatbag went crazy from talking to me.

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Tiet Interview Two

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