Drew, Hard, and Brown Investigations

Mission statement: To find the truth even as it drips off the knife’s edge in a dark cum-encrusted alleyway festering with rapists and madmen. No matter how many people have to get hurt.

Membership Profile:

“Necronancy” Drew: Speaker of the dead, giving voice to those who overdosed on knowing more than was good for them. Has maintained an A++ Afterlife Liason rating for over a year with 153 out of 156 favorable reviews, 2 neutral, and 1 negative (with a subsequent positive resolution for both parties). Is available for wakes and birthday parties, reasonable rates, no Lich Kings and Nazgul only by appointment.

Grimoire Brown: Private eye and with a perfect memory who knows exactly what color of light is reflected off a watered steel shiv pulled in a opium den on a blood moon when the candles have been snuffed out. Famous for his ability to solve crimes by contemplatively chain smoking, then asking one question that unravels the entire mystery. On the rare occasion that this fails, he has Jo hurt people until the truth is forced out into the open.

Jo Hard: After a mysterious accident that left his brother dead, his traumatized brain became focused entirely on finding clues, to the exclusion of all other activities such as bathing. He is abnormally sensitive to magic residue, due to which he is the only club member to become involved in a campus investigation in an official capacity. This arrangement was short lived however, when the culprit Vinny Flinch was nearly bitten to death by Jo for refusing to explain his master plan in detail upon capture.

Drew, Hard, and Brown Investigations

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